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Champion Classic Blue Flame Synthetic Blend Diesel 15W-40 Oil Gallon

Sale Price: $27.99
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Today's diesel engine oils are designed to protect engines while maintaining strict government mandates. This provides adequate protection for most diesel engines, but leaves enthusiasts with engine oil that lacks the robust additive formula that their vehicles need. Champion Classic Blue Flame 15W-40 is purpose built for the extreme protection and performance of PRE-2007 doesel engines.

Classic Blue Flame Diesel Engine Oil delivers unmatched high temperature film strength and lubricty protection. It combats oil shear, maximizes and sustains cylinder compression, and is proven to increase engine horse power and torque.

Features and Benefits:

For PRE-2007 Model Year Diesel Engines (NON-DPF EQUIPPTED TRUCKS)

High-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology, plus high TBN

Anti-wear and detergent additives for increased robust protection at high temperatures and heavy load

Utilizes TVS (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) polymer chemistry, borrowed from CHAMPION RACING OIL technology

Dynamic backbone of enhanced shear stability and viscosity control

Item Number: CMP-4359N
Mfg.: Champion Oil
Mfg. Part No.: 4359N