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MKM Customs is your one-stop-shop for all things cold air intake. We carry the finest aftermarket cold air intake kits manufactured by the finest brands in the industry. We carry Bully Dog, Yukon, Air Dog, Edge Products, and Sinister Diesel cold air intake kits.

Cold air intake kits are aftermarket assembly parts that are used to bring in relatively cool air into the car’s internal-combustion engine. Most vehicles that were manufactured after the mid-1970s have thermostatic air intake systems. These types of systems provide war air when the engine is cold and cold air when the engine is warm. Cold air intake systems will increase engine efficiency and boost overall performance. This is because the cold air is denser than warm air which means cold air will have more oxygen per volume unit when compared to warm air.

More oxygen means better combustion which means improved performance and if it’s one thing car enthusiasts care about its performance. We provide our customers with cold air intake kits that can be used for Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Dodge brand diesel vehicles. Our performance enhancing aftermarket automotive parts are backed with a price match guarantee. This means we’ll match any competitors’ prices, which guarantees our customers will always get the best price for their aftermarket automotive parts. We also provide free shipping for our parts.

Remember aftermarket parts are not street legal in some areas. In most parts of the United States, aftermarket parts such as cold air intake kits are only legal for racing and off-roading purposes. So before you install your aftermarket parts and take your vehicle on the road, first check with the local authorities to ensure that you aren’t breaking any local laws or ordinances.