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Customizing your classic car is certainly not easy, but for someone who has a passion for their engine like we do here at MKM Customs, you don’t mind the challenge. In fact, you probably prefer it that way. To help guide those new to the world of custom auto enhancement, we’ve outlined a few different types of coolant filtration kits and the benefits of each.

7.3 Coolant Filtration Kit: The 7.3 kit works with your cooling system to remove contaminants that reside in the cooling system, thus decreasing automotive performance. By installing a 7.3 coolant filtration kit, you eliminate the risk of clogging your cooling system with unwanted, contaminated elements and increase overall power and performance. The 7.3 kit is designed to improve your engine’s cooling capabilities and reduce fan noise.

6.4 Coolant Filtration Kit: The 6.4 kit is designed for autos with a 6.4 engine and cooling system. Working in the same way as the 7.3 kit, this device is guaranteed to keep your engine purring beautifully. With all of the gunk and grime eliminated from your cooling system, your baby will not only sound smoother, but it will run better. The 6.4 coolant filtration kit works hand-in-hand with the engine to prolong the life of your car, truck or SUV while keeping you out of repair shops and back on the road where you belong.

6.0 Coolant Filtration Kit: The 6.0 kit is designed for 6.0 engines and cooling systems. This kit is designed for increasing performance and eliminating harmful elements from the cooling system. To get the most out of your filtration kit, the filter should be changed several times during the first year of use. The first filter will catch the most debris, so changing it out every 500 miles or so is a good rule of thumb. Like the other cooling kits, the 6.0 coolant filtration kit is designed for one reason only: to keep that car, truck or SUV in mint condition.