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At, we sell exhaust systems for high-performance vehicles. We offer exhaust brakes, many types of pipes, stylish tips and durable exhaust headers, as well as stacks that have a length of 36-48 inches.

Exhaust Headers - Made of stainless steel, a header is designed to gather air from all of the engine's cylinders. Subsequently, the gases are sent to the exhaust manifold. Our company's headers are extensively tested by our experts, and when you purchase our exhaust headers, we’ll provide flanges and durable gaskets.

Choosing a Brake - This type of part is typically positioned between the turbocharger and the exhaust system. The driver will have access to a small switch that controls the component, and the brake will be directly connected to a sensor that causes the engine to idle.

Exhaust Kits - You can select exhaust kits with pipes that have a diameter of 4 inches or 5 inches, and some of the systems feature dual pipes. Numerous studies have indicated that a high-quality exhaust can boost an automobile's horsepower. Moreover, an exhaust system enhances the vehicle's sound while the automobile is accelerating.

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