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On all diesel trucks, having the ability to monitor exhaust gas temperature is critical, so having a good pyrometer is a must. All pyrometer (EGT) gauges come complete with gauge, wiring, and thermocouple for drilling into the exhaust stream. For owners of automatic transmission trucks, having a gauge to properly monitor transmission oil temperature is a great idea. Another very important gauge is a fuel pressure gauge, this is easy way to know wether your running out of fuel. On all diesel trucks, starving the injection pump for fuel is like running your engine without engine oil. The diesel fuel acts as lubrication for the injection pump and without that lubrication failure is inevitable. Finally, one of the last popular gauge options for your diesel pickup is the addition of a boost gauge. Boost is a great gauge to basically show you where your "power band" is on the truck at any given time. In the past, one had to remove their intake manifold and drill and tap it in order to monitor boost. With newer trucks comes technology and with the addition of a digital guage system such as an EDGE Insight you can monitor all of the above parameters by simply plugging into your vehicles OBD-II port.
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Sinister Diesel Upfitter Panel for 1999-2004 Superduty
Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $149.00
You Save: $50.00
Sinister Diesel Upfitter Panel for 1999-2004 Superduty
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