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With the right exhaust system upgrades and accessories, you can extend the life of your Ford’s diesel engine and improve your vehicle’s appearance. Product upgrades include exhaust brakes, stacks and kits as well as exhaust tips.

Exhaust Brakes - When you upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust brakes, the conversion will limit the movement of exhaust gases and boost your engine’s backpressure. This combination increases your vehicle’s braking power.

Exhaust Stacks - To avoid repairs and improve engine longevity, consider upgrading your vehicle’s exhaust stacks with a better operating exhaust system. This will help your Ford’s gas temperature to decrease, and lowers the strain on your engine when you use your vehicle to tow. An exhaust stack upgrade can also improve your fuel mileage.

Exhaust Kits - Exhaust kits feature the components you need to boost your vehicle’s torque and horsepower. With a kit, you’ll have the equipment pieces required to run an exhaust that has a muffler. You can buy kits for any cab and truck bed combination.

Exhaust Tips - To complete your vehicle upgrades, consider adding exhaust tips. You can buy stainless steel or powder coated accessory tips. Once you cover your vehicle’s exhaust pipe with a tip, you’ll appreciate the enhanced styling the piece provides.

For the best aftermarket exhaust kits and accessories, choose!

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Banks Power Git-Kit for 2000-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke (Diesel) Excursion
Price: $1,109.78
Sale Price: $998.80
You Save: $110.98
Banks Power Git-Kit for 2000-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke (Diesel) Excursion
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