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At MKM Customs, we offer Powerstroke turbos and complete systems to maximize your turbocharger's power. Each of our components fits Ford trucks that have a 7.3-liter engine.

The Benefits of Turbochargers

A Ford Powerstroke turbo pushes additional air into an engine, and as a result, the engine generates more horsepower in the combustion chamber. To help you monitor your turbo’s performance, we also carry a wide variety of gauges to measure boost pressure and exhaust temperatures.

The Compressor

Each of our turbochargers features a centrifugal compressor that is able to augment the pressure that the turbo produces by modulating the flow of air through the diffuser. Some studies have shown that certain compressors have the ability to generate particularly cold air, which is denser than warm air and will help the engine to produce more horsepower.

The Complete Kits

Our comprehensive systems can allow an engine to generate 550 horsepower, and the Ford aftermarket parts that each kit contains are able to significantly mitigate the effects of a turbocharger's lag.

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