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Hellwig Auto Level Compressor System

Sale Price: $480.20
For the hands off user, the Auto Level System offers automatic and instant height adjustment to any change in load condition. The vehicle will always seek its pre-determined ride height without you having to manually inflate the airbags, or even flip a switch. For example if you have preset the Auto Level System to maintain say, a 20 inch rear bumper height above ground, as load is applied to the vehicle by placing weight in the vehicle or on the hitch, the bumper will momentarily drop closer to the ground. When the Auto Level height sensing valve receives that input it will begin “airing up” the Hellwig Air spring, thus raising the bumper back to its 20inch above ground preset. In another example, if load is removed from the vehicle and the bumper to ground distance exceeds 20inches the Auto Level height sensing valve will “air down” the Hellwig Air spring adjusting the vehicle back to the 20inch preset. At all times the height sensing valve applies only the needed air pressure to maintain the preset height, thus providing the best ride possible for the load demand.
Item Number: HWG-4880
Mfg.: Hellwig
Mfg. Part No.: 4880