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TiltBak Tonneau Cover for Dodge Ram S/B 1994-01

Sale Price: $742.65

TiltBak Tonneau Cover:


The TiltBak tonneau cover is the newest generation of hard, one piece tilting tonneau covers.


Traditionally, hard one-piece tonneau covers have various setbacks, which make them less than optimum once they're on the vehicle. Although one piece tonneau covers and hinged tonneau covers look great; they tend to get in the way. It becomes very inconvenient to have a heavy or large tonneau cover on your truck when you need to load anything large in the back of your truck. That's why BAK Industries designed the TiltBak one piece hard tonneau cover.


We decided to build a one piece tilting tonneau cover for folks that like the clean look of a one piece tonneau cover, appreciate how user friendly they are to operate and don't necessarily use their truck beds to haul large items very often. We did so, without losing sight of the fact that such people may just need their beds at any given time. The TiltBak tonneau cover was therefore designed with the following unique features which makes it stand alone in the one piece, hinged tonneau cover arena:

TiltBak covers are designed with a rugged top surface that is very strong. In fact it can handle well over 500 lbs of weight on top of it. While other similar tonneau covers are also strong, TiltBak tonneau covers actually allow you to load things on top of them and drive with the tonneau cover this way, thus eliminating the necessity to take the tonneau cover off the truck. Since the TiltBak tonneau cover offers full access to your stake pockets, loads that are placed on top of the TiltBak tonneau cover can be secured down with rope, bungee cords etc. Simply make use of a good set of tie downs or bed rails and away you go. No other one piece tonneaucover offers this great feature.


The following points list why TiltBak tonneau covers are a far better choice than any other one piece hinged tonneau cover:


TiltBak tonneau covers are easier to operate:


TiltBak tonneau covers weigh just 45, yet can handle over 500 lbs of weight on top of them.


TiltBak tonneau covers are stronger:


TiltBak tonneau covers are the worlds most IMPACT RESISTANT TONNEAU COVERS! They will not scratch or ding and can handle extreme elements exceedingly well. They are made from TPO plastic that is much more impact resistant than ABS. The TiltBak tonneau is insulated with a high density foam core with an ABS substrate underneath the tonneau cover.


TiltBak tonneau covers have superior style and aesthetics:


All other tilting tonneau covers hang over the side of your truck bed. This old-school style leaves the truck with a large bulky look and feel. Worst of all, traditional fiberglass or plastic one piece tonneau covers cover valuable assets such as stake pockets. The TiltBak tonneau cover fits flush between your trucks bed rails and allows full use of your stake pockets.


TiltBak tonneau covers are more functional:


TiltBak tonneau covers work with bed rails and tie downs. Other single piece covers do not. TiltBak covers can even be used with BAK Industries sliding rack system so that you can now have a locking tonneau cover and a rack in one seamless product. Other one piece tonneau covers don't provide this fantastic option.


TiltBak tonneau's fit better:


TiltBak tonneau covers follow the contours of the inside of your truck bed for an unparalleled fit. Other tilting tonneau covers do not. It's also much easier to install a TiltBak tonneau cover as the contour of the truck serves as a guide. No more guesswork, tape measures or cumbersome tools!


TiltBak covers provide superior security.


The TiltBak locking system is FAR SUPERIOR to other hinged style tonneau covers. The latches are hidden securely under the tonneau cover, away from the elements and never exposed to potential thieves. The aesthetics are not only dramatically improved, but security is radically enhanced as well. In most cases, the key you drive with is the key you lock your tonneau cover with. Simply lock your tailgate for absolute security.


TiltBak tonneau covers have superior weather resistance.


TiltBak tonneau covers have a patented drainage system that allows them to keep water out and give you piece of mind! Keeping your valuables safe and dry is absolute when you have a TiltBak tonneau cover on your ride.


TiltBak tonneau covers are easier to install and remove:


TiltBak tonneau covers require just 1 x 15mm wrench to install. There's no drilling your truck at all and a typical install takes just minutes. The tonneau cover removes in seconds for absolute convenience.

Item Number: BAK-37201
Mfg.: Bak
Mfg. Part No.: 37201