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What is an EGR Delete Kit?

Many diesel truck owners want to improve engine longevity, and overall performance. There are several aftermarket parts that can assist with these goals but few are as efficient or beneficial as an EGR delete kit.

So what is an EGR delete kit? An EGR delete kit is an aftermarket part assembly that removes a vehicle’s EGR system. EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation and this refers to a mandatory component that is found in most vehicles. An EGR system reduces a vehicle’s exhaust emissions.

EGR systems have been known to cause serious issues in an engine, including stuck valves, coolant problems, and leaky cylinders. An EGR delete kit removes the EGR system and allows a vehicle’s engine to run at cooler temperatures. This improves performance, makes an engine run cleaner, and last that much longer.

So what is an EGR delete kit? In short, it is an aftermarket assembly that is guaranteed to improve your truck’s diesel engine performance. Installing an EGR delete kit will improve the motor’s lifespan, and will eliminate the risk of any EGR system engine damages.

6.0 EGR Delete Kit

MKM Customs offers a wide variety of high quality EGR delete kits. From our 6.0 EGR delete kit to our 6.4 and 6.7 kits, we guarantee that we have the EGR delete kit that you need for your diesel truck. All of our kits feature high quality materials and manufacturing processes. This results in a reliable, strong, and tested product that will enhance your vehicle and improve performance. As well, we take great pride in our products and strive to make all of our parts work as efficiently as possible. Our dedication to delivering a quality product means that our EGR delete kits will never cause your engine light to turn on.

Our 6.0 EGR delete kit is ready for immediate purchase and comes with all of the parts you need for correct installation. All of our products come backed with MKM Customs price match guarantee. This means that our customers will pay the cheapest price available for any part over $100.

After Installation

Once you install an EGR delete kit, you’ll want to make sure that your vehicle is operating in an efficient and correct manner. To do this, you’ll need a high quality vehicle tuner. MKM Customs has a huge selection of tuners including SCT tuners and other highly sought aftermarket tuners.

An SCT tuner will alert you to failing parts, degrading engine performance, and will inform you if new engine parts were installed incorrectly. Never underestimate the need for a correct, accurate, and precise tuner!